Car Injury Lawyers in Brisbane

car injury lawyers brisbane

If you’re injured in a car accident, your first priority is to seek high quality medical care. A secondary focus may be to investigate whether or not you’re entitled to compensation to support you with your treatment and recovery. Some people neglect the latter step and leave themselves exposed to undue suffering as injuries linger … Read more Car Injury Lawyers in Brisbane

Compensation Lawyers in Brisbane

compensation lawyers in brisbane

If you’re looking for compensation lawyers in Brisbane, make sure you have some reliable criteria to assess them on. Here are some key areas to focus on. 1. Do they have experience in securing fair compensation for your injury? The reason you would work with a lawyer on a compensation claim (rather than perhaps proceeding … Read more Compensation Lawyers in Brisbane

What Should I Know Before I Agree to a ‘No Win/No Fee’ Arrangement?

No win no fee legal arrangements

You may have seen the term No Win/No Fee splashed across personal injury lawyers’ websites, social media and billboards but what exactly does it mean? Crew Legal Director, Shane Crew talks us through the finer details you need to be aware of before you enter into an agreement with a personal injury lawyer. No Win/No … Read more What Should I Know Before I Agree to a ‘No Win/No Fee’ Arrangement?