Compensation Lawyers in Brisbane

compensation lawyers in brisbane

If you’re looking for compensation lawyers in Brisbane, make sure you have some reliable criteria to assess them on.

Here are some key areas to focus on.

1. Do they have experience in securing fair compensation for your injury?

The reason you would work with a lawyer on a compensation claim (rather than perhaps proceeding on your own) is that they have specialised knowledge on what a fair and reasonable amount of compensation for the injury you may have suffered and the circumstances around it as well as strategies to maximise the outcome. Talk to your lawyer about their experience in dealing with injuries such as yours and their process for achieving the best outcome.

2. Do they delegate the case to junior lawyers?

Some law firms can have an impressive outward presence that makes them seem like the ‘big fish’ in their industry. Unfortunately, in large organisations such as those, once the case has begun, it is passed on to a more junior member of staff to proceed with. This process saves the firm money, but ensures your claim is not handled by the highly experienced staff you may have first expected it to be managed by.

3. How good are their reviews?

Check your prospective law firm’s Google reviews to ensure they’re positive, specific and genuine. Make sure that the reviews seem like they’re from real clients and that they identify specific qualities you’re looking for in a lawyer.

4. Are they easy to work with?

A good lawyer should be easy to work with. Seeking compensation can be an adversarial process, that in some cases may take a year or more to conclude. You may also undergo it while potentially in some pain and concerned about the future. Given those challenges, you likely need a compensation lawyer that helps reduce the stress and makes the process as easy as possible for you.

The strength of Crew Legal is that we deliver in each of these areas. As an accredited personal injury specialist, Shane Crew provides the highest level of expertise when it comes to addressing personal injury claims. Both Shane and Hayley are highly experienced personal injury lawyers and they handle every step of their clients’ legal claim themselves. The reviews are excellent too, you can read them anytime online. We also pride ourselves on being easy to work with. Crew Legal are proud members of the Redcliffe community and an element of that supportive, relaxed suburb is infused into the way we treat our clients.

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How can Crew Legal help?

Crew Legal pride ourselves on providing quality advice at the right price. We will ensure that you receive the best advice for your situation and are committed to ensuring that everybody has access to that advice.

We provide a first consultation completely free and with no obligation. If the claim is undertaken, we will proceed with such claims on a ‘No Win/No Fee’ basis.

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