No Win/No Fee

At Crew Legal, our ‘No Win/No Fee’ policy is simple, easy to understand and free of any surprises. 

Put simply, if we accept instructions in your matter on a ‘No Win/No Fee’ basis, there will be no costs payable by you unless your case either settles or is decided in your favour by a Court. In the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful, no fees are payable to us for work undertaken on the matter. 

It is commonly the case in matters which are successful by way of settlement or court order, that in addition to the damages payable by the Respondent, a contribution to legal costs is also applicable. In many cases, the Respondent will pay between 50% and 70% of your legal costs in addition to the damages. Only the gap in costs is deductible from the damages recovered.

Where the damages claim is modest and the costs thresholds are not met, we will ensure compliance with the Legal Profession Act in Queensland whereby the professional fees chargeable will not exceed any more than half of the amount you receive ‘in the hand’ from the claim.

At Crew Legal, we are proud of our track record in providing access to the legal system for persons who otherwise could not afford it. We work with many clients across Brisbane and invite you to contact us today for an obligation free appointment to discuss your claim and whether it may be conducted on a ‘No Win/No Fee’ basis.

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