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If you’re injured in a car accident, your first priority is to seek high quality medical care. A secondary focus may be to investigate whether or not you’re entitled to compensation to support you with your treatment and recovery.

Some people neglect the latter step and leave themselves exposed to undue suffering as injuries linger and the cost to cope with them adds up. Some of the common injuries that occur after a car accident include whiplash, burns, lacerations and neck, back and spinal injuries including fractures. You may also suffer psychological injuries following a car crash such as ongoing anxiety or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). These can also impair you as you try to get your life back to normal.

In a moment, we’ll talk about what support your lawyer can offer you to cope with your injuries, but first let’s focus on what you should do at the scene of an accident to ensure you comply with the law.

Firstly, make sure you get the contact information of the other driver and details for their insurer. The ‘required particulars’ that need to be exchanged by law include your name and address (or the name and address of the vehicle owner), the vehicle registration number and any other details that will help identify the vehicle. You can call PoliceLink on 131 444 if the other party fails to provide these details. If you’re able to, take photos to help establish the facts of what occurred. If there has been an injury that requires attention from an ambulance officer, nurse or doctor, or your accident has created a hazardous road environment or caused congestion, you need to call 000 (triple zero).

Once your immediate medical needs have been attended to, speak to a lawyer that specialises in personal injury claims to assess whether you have a case and how it could support you in your treatment.

An experienced personal injury lawyer such as Crew Legal can help you to establish the true economic impact of your injuries including treatment costs, lost earnings and pain and suffering. This broad figure may be difficult for you to fully establish without appropriate expertise. Once this has been determined, your lawyer will work as a dedicated advocate to ensure you receive fair compensation from the other party. This will help to reduce any additional suffering you experience, which can occur if you find yourself short on funds to deal with long term care.

Our experienced lawyers can assist you. With an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law, Shane Crew included in the team, we are the leading option for you to investigate and pursue a personal injury claim following a car accident.

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