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Motor vehicle
accident claims »

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Queensland, we can help you to ensure you receive your full damages entitlements.

Work accident
claims »

If you have suffered an injury in the course of your employment, you may have a claim for damages under the WorkCover scheme.


Public liability
claims »

We have extensive experience in undertaking public liability claims on behalf of injured people.

Total & permanent
disablement claims »

You may have insurance cover attached to your superannuation funds or life insurance policy, which can assist if you are unable to work for any reason.

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Crew Legal pride ourselves on providing quality advice at the right price. We will ensure that you receive the best advice for your situation and are committed to ensuring that everybody has access to that advice.

We provide a first consultation completely free and with no obligation. If the claim is undertaken, we will proceed with such claims on a ‘No Win/No Fee’ basis.


A person defined as a ‘worker’ under the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003.


Statutory claims
A statutory claim must be lodged within six (6) months of the date of injury failing which it is simply at WorkCover’s discretion whether a claim is accepted after that date. However, to ensure full benefits are received from the date of injury onwards, a statutory claim should be lodged within six (6) weeks of the date of injury or benefits are only paid from the date of lodgement onwards.

Common law claims
The legislation sets out that any person injured in a workplace accident must serve a Notice of Claim for Damages within three (3) years of the date of injury. However, your entitlement to lodge a Notice of Claim for Damages is dependant upon you having received a Notice of Assessment from WorkCover for your injury or otherwise meeting eligibility criteria.

If your workplace accident occurred more than three (3) years ago and you have taken no steps to protect your rights, you may not have any entitlement to bring a claim.

It is very important to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible after any accident to ensure your rights are protected.

If a WorkCover statutory claim is lodged within the time periods outlined above and accepted by WorkCover, they will fund reasonable and appropriate treatment to the point that your injury reaches a stage of maximum medical improvement or you no longer have a work related impairment.

Every claim is different and assessed on its own merits. An advice can only be given about how much compensation you are entitled to once all evidence (including income and medical evidence) has been obtained.

Not necessarily. Only a very small portion of claims are decided by a Court. In most cases, claims are resolved either by way of a compulsory settlement conference or mediation.

In only very limited circumstances are WorkCover liable to pay legal costs in addition to damages. Such cases are limited to catastrophic injury claims and those claims where a Notice of Assessment issued and impairment is assessed at 20% or higher.

Every case is different. Generally, statutory claims may run from anywhere between one (1) month and two (2) years. Common law claims generally finalise between nine (9) and 18 months.

It is important not to settle your claim too early. We need to make sure we have all obtained all necessary evidence to ensure the best possible result for you.

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