How a Lawyer Can Help After a Car Accident

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Crew Legal director, Hayley Clark recently answered some questions about the benefits of seeing a personal injury lawyer following a car accident and some key legislation that regulates how lawyers are compensated in personal injury claims.

How can a personal injury lawyer help me after an accident?

The sooner you see a personal injury lawyer after a car accident, the more you’ll benefit.

Firstly, if police didn’t come to the scene, which is quite common, we can assist in notifying the police about the car accident. It’s a requirement of the Motor Accident Insurance Act in any event. Secondly, we can help take the burden of funding treatment off your plate. Within the Motor Accident Insurance Act, there is an obligation on any CTP insurer to fund your reasonable and appropriate rehabilitation. We can ask the insurer to contact your rehab providers and put in place funding, so you can get the treatment that you need without worrying about the cost.

What are some important rules governing my lawyer?

Probably the most important rules relate to legal costs and how they work in claims of this type.

As personal injury lawyers, we are governed by a piece of legislation called the Legal Profession Act and it has some very strict rules about how legal fees apply. To give an example, one of the most common things we hear from new clients when we meet with them is a concern around how much money the legal fees will take and whether or not the claims process is worth it. Some have heard that the lawyers will ‘take all the money’. It’s simply not the case. There are rules that stipulate that from any settlement in any claim, a law firm cannot take any more than 50% of what an injured worker is entitled to receive in the hand from a settlement. Please keep in mind that that is from circumstances where there is perhaps a lower settlement and legal fees are required to be reduced. It does not and cannot apply across the board. The important take home point when it comes to legal fees is to simply ask and have the conversation.

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How can Crew Legal help?

Crew Legal pride ourselves on providing quality advice at the right price. We will ensure that you receive the best advice for your situation and are committed to ensuring that everybody has access to that advice.

We provide a first consultation completely free and with no obligation. If the claim is undertaken, we will proceed with such claims on a ‘No Win/No Fee’ basis.

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