Are all Personal Injury Law Firms the same?

personal injury law firms

Before you partner with a personal injury law firm it is important that you are aware of the ways in which they can differ. This will ensure your personal injury claim achieves the outcome you deserve and the journey is as stress free and transparent as possible.

In reality, all personal injury law firms are different because all people are different. All personal injury lawyers go through the same processes and have the same qualifications. Some are more qualified than others, like Shane Crew, one of our Directors at Crew Legal, who is a Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist in personal injury law. This is essentially the cream of the crop of personal injury lawyers.

We believe that there are three factors that you should consider before choosing a personal injury lawyer.


The number one factor you should take into account when you choose a Personal Injury Lawyer is making sure that you have a good connection with them. Most importantly, that you trust them.

Honesty and Transparency

The second most important factor would be honesty. It’s essential at the outset that any lawyer you see fully explains the process that you are about to get into. Because it is a long process and can be quite stressful, an injured person should be fully aware of what that process involves.


Every firm is also a bit different in the way that they operate. Crew Legal is a small firm, and when you call the office, you will always have access to our Personal Injury Lawyers. In bigger firms there is sometimes a hierarchy that you need to go through.

When you first meet with a personal injury lawyer, think of it as an interview. Ask them any questions that you have to make sure that you are happy with your lawyer of choice.

At Crew Legal, we genuinely care about our clients. We value honesty, integrity and communication. We are very good lawyers, but we are good people too. Working with clients across Brisbane, we are committed to ensuring injured people receive the best advice, the best outcomes and do so at a fair price.

At your most vulnerable time, reach out to our crew, we are here to help you!


How can Crew Legal help?

Crew Legal pride ourselves on providing quality advice at the right price. We will ensure that you receive the best advice for your situation and are committed to ensuring that everybody has access to that advice.

We provide a first consultation completely free and with no obligation. If the claim is undertaken, we will proceed with such claims on a ‘No Win/No Fee’ basis.

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