Car Accidents – Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

The release from COVID travel restrictions has undoubtedly brought much joy. The freedom to travel when and where we want has been taken up with great enthusiasm by all and sundry. 

What has also been noticeable, however, is the details of car accidents, including very serious car accidents which seem to inundate my social media news feed on a daily basis.  The freedom to travel when and where we want comes with the added risk of accidents intervening in our plans.

In late 2022, the Motor Accident Insurance Commission released its annual CTP scheme insights. The insights contain a valuable snapshot of the car accidents resulting in injury claims including data on where these accidents occur, when these accidents occur and the times that are the most dangerous to be using our roads.

The most interesting insights in my view are:

  • The vast majority of claims are lodged by persons between the ages of 26 to 45;
  • The majority of car accidents occurred between 3.00pm and 6.00pm on weekdays;
  • More than half (54% to be exact) of all injury claims from motor vehicle accidents occurred as a result of nose to tail collisions;
  • Car accidents causing very serious injuries were more likely to occur late in the evening with the peak period being between 12.00am and 3.00am on Saturdays.

The obvious inferences to be drawn are:

  • That peak hour traffic creates a significant risk of car accidents and in particular nose to tail collisions;
  • That speed, fatigue and alcohol significantly increase the risk of sustaining very serious injuries given that the peak period for such injuries occurs between 12.00am and 3.00am on Saturdays.

Whilst this data is logical and not surprising in any way, it solidifies the message that needs to be broadcast to drivers that care needs to be taken at all times particularly in peak traffic periods and late at night when fatigue may be a factor.

It also solidifies the message that “nothing good happens after midnight”. Learn more about motor vehicle accident claims and contact us to have your questions answered.

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