What is liability?

When providing advice to a client in respect of a potential personal injury claim, the first exercise I undertake is to consider the likely prospects of establishing that the injured person will succeed in their claim by proving that their injury has occurred as a result of negligent actions on behalf of a third party.

Reference to liability in personal injury claims is reference to a determination that a wrongdoer is liable for injuries caused to a claimant.

Grounds For Liability

It is important to note that liability may be established on a number of grounds including but not necessarily limited to:

  • Negligence;
  • Breach of contract; or
  • Breach of statutory duty.

In establishing negligence, it must be established that:

  • The injured person was owed a duty of care;
  • That duty of care has been breached;
  • As a result of the breach of duty, the injured person sustained their injury.

If these elements are established, prima facie liability is established and the claim then moves to a consideration of what damages the injured person may have sustained due to the negligent actions.

Similarly, a claim for injuries arising out of a breach of contract requires a determination as to whether the express or implied terms of a contract that may exist between the injured person and the defendant have been breached such as to give rise to the cause of the injured persons’ injuries.

Finally, a right in liability may exist as a result of duties created by government statutes.  An example of such are the duties that exist in the Australian Consumer Law that require the manufacturers and suppliers of goods to ensure that such goods are “of merchantable quality” or “fit for their purpose”.  These duties are commonly associated with claims for injuries arising from defective products purchased by consumers in Australia.

Understanding The Circumstances Around Your Injury

What is important to note is that the very fact that a person has been injured does not necessarily give rise to a claim for damages.

The first step in establishing such a claim is to analyse the circumstances of the event that caused the injury and to determine the likely prospects of establishing liability on one of these bases.

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