Back Breaking Work

WorkCover Queensland’s (WCQ) Annual Report 2018-2019 contains interesting reading concerning the types of injuries and areas of work causing claims within the WCQ scheme. 

Of the 2,541 common law claims lodged in the 2019 financial year, 27.4% of claims involved injuries to the back.

The industries which created the greatest incidences of common law claims were:

  • Construction Industry – 15.7%
  • Health Care and Social Assistance – 13.8%
  • Manufacturing – 15.5%

Not surprisingly, all of these industries involve heavy manual labour and exertion of great forces on a person’s back to perform their duties.

Whilst the inclusion of Health Care and Social Assistance in such categories may at first be surprising, when considering that category includes all Nursing and Aged Care Workers, it is clear heavy lifting is a major cause of injuries in the workplace. 

Employers have a general obligation to provide a safe system of work.  A safe system of work should include the policies and procedures required to eliminate and/or minimise risks of injury in the workplace.  Such measures may include:

  • Providing mechanical assistance;
  • Limiting weight loads;
  • Providing sufficient labour assistance to perform tasks;
  • Providing training in use of equipment and aides;
  • Providing training in safe lifting techniques;

Whilst the risk of back injury in heavy manual labour industries is known, clearly insufficient measures are being put in place to safeguard workers against such risks. 

It is important to be aware that if you should suffer an injury in a workplace in Queensland, you may have an entitlement to lodge a claim with WCQ.

WCQ entitlements include compensation for lost wages, medical and rehabilitation expenses and potential lump sum payments.

In addition to any entitlements under the WCQ scheme, an injured person may have an entitlement to claim income protection or TPD insurance through their superannuation. 

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