Don’t Zone Out

Schools this week welcome back students to classrooms all around the state. 

In addition to the excitement, anxiety and all-around chaos that the commencement of the school year brings, it is also a timely reminder of the existence of, and re-activation of school zone speed limits.

School age children with their youthful exuberance, energy and not yet fully functioning brains can be unpredictable and erratic in their behaviour.

It is for this reason that school zone speed limits exist and are enforced vigorously.

According to the Queensland Government’s “Street Smart” website:

  • 50% of speeding crashes happen at just 1-10km/h over the speed limit;
  • On average, 58 people are killed and 295 seriously injured each year on Queensland roads as a result of speed related crashes;
  • Just over 5km/h above the speed limit in urban areas (and 10km/h above in rural areas) is enough to double the risk of a casualty crash.

Due to the unpredictable and erratic behaviour of school aged children next to a road, the importance of these school zone speed limits cannot be overstated.  Most people are guilty of “Zoning Out” from time to time as they drive through their neighbourhoods thinking about their day or evening ahead.  It is easy to stay at the usual speed limit and not pay attention when entering a school zone. 

However, as the school year commences, keep it at the front of mind and remember we share the road with other people including children and we cannot always predict their behaviour. 

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